Our highly skilled physiotherapists are experts in restoring and maintaining physical function. They are experienced in treating all soft tissue and musculoskeletal conditions, and offer a bespoke treatment plan depending upon your individual needs.


Physiotherapy Initial Assessment


(30 minute appointment)

The physiotherapist will discuss your general well-being and health, assess your complaint and make a joint decision on the best course of treatment and management for your condition. This may include manual therapy, teaching you specific exercises, practising particular movements, and/or finding alternative ways of accomplishing a task and coping with life’s daily challenges.

Many major health schemes recognise the value of physiotherapy and will authorise payment for your treatment. We will either supply you with a receipt or, due to long-standing relationships with the most reputable private insurance and healthcare companies, to be able to invoice them directly. If there is a policy excess, then this should be settled directly with the clinic you attend.

Physiotherapy Follow Up


(30 minute appointment)

Follow-up sessions are designed to complement the assessment to continue improving your situation. Some conditions may be resolved on your first visit, but other, more complex needs may require several follow-up sessions to achieve a satisfactory outcome or complete recovery.

*Please note that follow-up session costings are valid after an assessment takes place. An absence of treatment for six months will require a new assessment to occur, even if it is for the same problem as the situation may have changed. Any additional areas of the body requiring assessment beyond those covered in the initial assessment will also be liable for a new initial assessment charge.

Sports Massage


(30 or 60 minute appointments)

*30 mins session: £35 | 60 mins session: £60

Sports massage typically targets specific muscles, using various techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Some of the elements of sports massage are used in physiotherapy settings to treat certain conditions.

Sports Therapy


(30 minute appointment)

The aim is to help support individuals through injury recovery, aches, pains, and injury prevention.

Not just for getting high-performing athletes back to playing after injury, sports therapy can also help the everyday person get back to daily activities and a healthy lifestyle.