First Visits


During your first visit you will have an assessment. The assessment aims to find out the cause of your problems. The first session usually includes assessment and treatment (unless you have specifically asked for just an initial chat and advice).

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete a Patient Consent Form. This is so we can register you legally as a patient and have a more detailed record for your file. With this in mind, please arrive five to ten minutes early to ensure this does not infringe on your treatment time.

The physio will begin with a thorough medical history and examination to diagnose your problem. During your examination, the physio will test your joints and muscles in the affected area, so please wear something that you are comfortable in whilst being moved, manipulated and stretched. This may also mean that you physio will possibly ask you to remove some of your clothes so  we can thoroughly examine the area. You are more than welcome to bring someone along with you to your appointment and/or request the gender of your therapist if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Following the initial assessment/examination, the physio will explain their diagnosis to you and discuss the range of treatment options. Our physios use  various methods to treat problems and will create a plan that is specific to your requirements to ensure optimal results. The number of treatment sessions each patient needs will vary greatly. You will be advised of how long your recovery should take and of a treatment plan, including exercises and stretches to perform at home to enhance healing. Some conditions may need more extensive treatment, and you will be advised of this in your initial consultation. Your therapist will always discuss your issue/injury  thoroughly during the consultation so that you fully understand what has caused it, how we are treating it and your long-term prognosis.

Our ethos and belief are that by working together as a patient and practitioner, you will benefit from optimal results and long-term resolution.

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

Loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

Can I bring a friend or relative in with me?

Absolutely, chaperones are more than welcome.

Is there a disabled loo and easy access for wheelchairs?

Yes, all clinics have disabled access/facilities.

Can ladies ask to see a female physio?

Yes, just mention to admin when booking your appointment.

Do you accept cheques/cash?

Cash yes but strictly no cheques. Card payments are preferable.

Can I be seen as an NHS patient at your clinics?

Yes, we provide care to patients under the Lincolnshire NHS MSK Physio contract.

Do you take patients with private healthcare cover?

Yes, we deal with most private healthcare providers along with other insurers too!

Do you have parking?

Yes, all clinics have parking facilities.